Redesigning the structural model of HBO's video streaming products, HBOGo and HBONow, to improve the search and browsing experience.


Summer 2017; UX Design Intern at HBO, Seattle.






Internship Summary

During my time as an intern at HBO I worked as a UX designer for the digital products team of the company. I learned how to work with the Agile methodology by actively participating in sprints as a part of two different teams over the ten weeks. Within these teams I worked with full-time designers and developers on design decisions, iterations of interfaces and user testing. 

Additionally, I experimented on user experiences with VUI, user testing small feature changes on the HBOGO app, conducted brainstorming sessions and was given a main project to redesign the browsing experience on HBO's digital streaming products: HBOGo and HBONow. The project was heavily focused on the user experience and structure of the website. We studied different types of users and their behavior while browsing and choosing the content. This helped us understand and prioritize the information provided on each click.

Throughout the ten weeks we had many meetings with designers and engineers and our iterations went through many rounds of critique. The project was scoped many times as depths of certain directions increased and as we prioritised the problems we wanted to solve. In the end, we proposed one focused direction of the base structure and three similar alternatives. This project is on-going.


I cannot publish my work here due to legal restrictions. For more details please email me, I'd be happy to take you through my work.